TOOLS: Tapered Stroke from Jake Bartlett

What's up! Today I wanted to share an After Effects preset that was created by Jake Bartlett for School of Motion. If you frequently work with shape layers and strokes in After Effects, you have undoubtedly at some point screamed at your computer monitor "WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO TAPER THE STROKE ON THIS SHAPE LAYER!?!?" OK, maybe I'm projecting a bit - but the lack of a tapered stroke option in After Effects has been a sore spot for many motion designers for years.

Luckily, Jake Bartlett has come to the rescue with his new(ish) preset called, you guessed it, Tapered Stroke. This preset uses a clever work-around to overcome the lack of a built-in tapering option, and while it does require a little bit of set-up, it delivers great results. Check out Jake's tutorial video below, and head on over to School of Motion to download the preset!