William 'Proton' Vaughan - "Change Your Thinking"

William Vaughan is a name that you may have already heard if you are into the 3D aspect of mograph design and animation. He's been a heavyweight in the industry for as long as I can remember. His book [digital] Modeling is a must-read for anyone interested in 3D modeling - it is just an absolute wealth of information, covering everything from the basics of modeling to searching for jobs in the 3D industry (his article below is actually an excerpt from that book).

Below is a link to an article he posted on PixelFondue.com (a great site and Youtube channel for users of Modo) about changing the way you approach projects. This philosophy easily applies to motion graphics artists and animators, as well as modelers. His contention is that too many people wait for the tools to develop to a point that it makes their job easy, rather than approach their work from the standpoint of "problem solving" and having a "can-do" attitude.

It's a great read. Check it out, and buy the book if you are interested in 3D modeling - it really is worth every cent!