RESOURCE: Skillshare

One thing about motion design that often gets overlooked is the importance of being a skilled designer. Knowing the principles of what makes good design, understanding color theory, and becoming familiar with typography are all really critical for being able to create visually compelling animations. Personally, becoming better with the design principles and color theory is probably my biggest struggle as a motion designer, and one that I'm striving every day to improve on. To that end, I've found Skillshare to be a very valuable source for design courses in which industry pros teach everything from the four graphic design principles (C.R.A.P.) to specific techniques. I highly recommend checking it out!

P.S. There's also some great motion design courses on Skillshare from Jake Bartlett as well!

Motion Science: New Typography Techniques Course

Hi everyone! Today I want to share a new course that was just released from Motion Science: Typography Techniques. I've been looking forward to this course for a while and already bought my access. Learning the fundamentals of typography is a very important step in becoming a better designer. I've gone through typography courses in the past, but I'm anxious to see how Cameron presents the material within the context of motion design. Check out the course by clicking the link above or the picture below! See ya later!


A couple posts ago I shared a Youtube channel called Onion Skin. In that post I talked about the importance of breaking down and examining work that inspires you - scrubbing through it frame-by-frame and trying to figure out what techniques were used to accomplish that piece of work. Today, I want to take that concept to the next level.

Craft is a relatively new subscription-based website that is dedicated to showing you the behind-the-scenes work that goes into high-end animated projects like films and games. The site covers many different aspects of production, from art direction, backgrounds, character design and animation, to things like script writing and sound design. It's really an incredible resource that I suggest checking out if, like me, you want to learn from the best. Click the image below to go there now.